Welcome to ONA London: Mobile

Welcome to ONA London: Mobile

Welcome to ONA London: Mobile

We’re excited to invite you to join us for ONA’s first conference outside of North America, a day-long event at the beautiful Reuters building in London’s Canary Wharf. We’ve long had a goal of expanding our high-energy, innovative discussions and training to reach our communities around the world, and this represents our inaugural step.

ONA London: Mobile will focus on how news is created, packaged, shared and discussed on mobile devices. Many newsrooms are seeing more than half of their web traffic come from a mobile phone or a tablet, sparking a host of business-critical questions:

  • What are effective strategies for designing news products?
  • What opportunities do mobile devices offer to engage with communities?
  • How do we find the right recipes for presenting audio, video, photos and text with limited screen real estate?
  • Which approach do communities prefer – personal curation or algorithms?
  • Does mobile change how we define successful engagement?

We’re examining these questions and more with our fantastic programming team:

  • Jassim Ahmad, Reuters
  • Fergus Bell, SAM Desk
  • Etan Horowitz, CNN
  • Nathalie Malinarich, BBC
  • Sarah Marshall, The Wall Street Journal

It feels like the right time to share expert editorial insight and new product demos on emerging mobile technology — and of course, networking with our fantastic colleagues. We look forward to seeing you there.

More registration information can be found here. Once registration opens, act fast — we anticipate this event will sell out quickly. If you’re interested in accommodations, we’ve compiled a list of hotels nearby.